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Young Challenger 2
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Young Challenger 2 ********* mit Leon und Bufly (Sando) *********** +++++++++ ++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++ Please contact skybo@gmx.net if you face any issue with the online shop, orders and downloads. There will be a competely new Skybo-shop coming soon. We are currently working on the issues which popped up with the "old" shop. We have a workaround for the time until the new site is up&running. We thank you for your patience. Payments: All payment options are working as before. Only when using CC-bill, the download function is actually not automatically released, but needs manual intervention by the admin. This can result in a slight delay but we do our best to keep this period as short as possible. Be careful not to run the process twice as it means you would buy it a second time. For new releases after the 12th November 2018 (including this production), you will get a download link by mail ############################################### In young challenger 1 we have seen how Leon, the new fighter on the block has learned that motivation and a big mouth is not always the recipe for success against power and experience. And it does not take long until everyone knows about the result. Bufly is visiting Leon and is making jokes. Obviously Leon gets emotional swiftly and a real fight is on very fast. Leon manages to get Bufly trapped in a headlock. But Bufly is winding himself out of the hold after a while. Now the bout intensifies. Bufly demonstrates his skills and eperience. But Leon is real strong and uses all he has. Bufly thinks to be in full control but any small mistake and he finds himself underneath Leon. Leon desperately wants the victory. The two warriors are fighting on an even level, but Leon regularly gets trapped in Buflys nasty scissors. But Leon too applies his holds and dominates the action for a bit. He pins Bufly sitting comfortably on Buflys chest, slapping the face and spitting into Buflys face. This gets Bufly really angry and he brings the fight to another level. His strong holds are powering out the challenger, him gasping for air and hence fading on strength over time. Leon has to tap out. But that’s not good enough, the boy needs to be humiliated. Bufly works the muscleboy over systematically with his sleeperholds, headlocks and scissors. Leon is gasping for air and is exhausting swiftly. But Bufly shows no mercy. He keeps the boy trapped in his holds tightening them ongoingly until Leon has tapped out a few times and is finally sent to the land of dreams.


Village Teens
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