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Young Challenger 1
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"Young Challenger 1* ***** mit Maxi und Leon ******* ************* ********************* *********************** *********************** ********************** *********************** Please contact skybo@gmx.net if you face any issue with the online shop, orders and downloads. There will be a competely new Skybo-shop coming soon. We are currently working on the issues which popped up with the "old" shop. We have a workaround for the time until the new site is up&running. We thank you for your patience. Payments: All payment options are working as before. Only when using CC-bill, the download function is actually not automatically released, but needs manual intervention by the admin. This can result in a slight delay but we do our best to keep this period as short as possible. Be careful not to run the process twice as it means you would buy it a second time. For new releases after the 12th November 2018 (including this production), you will get a download link by mail ############################################### "Young Challenger" No doubt you all remember the start of the Village Teen series. We had a good number of young fans viewing all the bouts. But they were no fighters yet at the time. Now they have grown and some of them developed strength and muscles. Leon is one of them. In the backyards, one says, you better don’t get in trouble with him. He is muscled, athletic and doesn’t know any fear. Actually all the things we told about Maxi too at the time. So it is no miracle, Leon is seeking a bout with Max. The new generation wants to beat the experienced warrior? The action starts in the first second. Leon goes seriously after Maxi. His strong legs have trapped Maxis body. But we all know Maxi, there is hardly any hold Maxi can’t get out off. And it is the same today. But Leon is having the same skills and he as well immediately goes after his opponent once winding out of the hold. Leon has Maxi in a headlock, his legs wrapped around Maxis body. He squeezes hard, Maxi has to endure a lot. He mobilises all the power in his body and manages to get free. It is a fight which demands all the force of both warriors. The experience helps Maxi to finally get out and have Leon trapped in his deadly sleeperhold. Leons eyes tell you a lot. He is desperate to get out, but no plan how he can do this. Does he has to give in? Maxi lets go a little bit after a while and Leon profits immediately freeing himself up. Maxi has a big smile on his face, he feels how the power and endurance of his young challenger is fading a bit. He sees his chance to overpower the stud. The tank tops get ripped off and moments later Maxi has trapped Leon again in the sleeper from behind, legs wrapped around the boys core body. Pressure is immense, and even this muscleboy will tap out at one point. And he knows. So against his will, Leon has to tap out. They decide to take a break from wrestling and do some armwrestling to find out whos guns are more solid. Leon is a bit of a bigmouth and it does not surprise Maxi grabs him all of a sudden again to make him suffer in holds. The boy shall learn who is ruling here. He squeezes Leons head between his massive thighs to make the boy gasp for air. Both boys still have plenty of energy for the second round of wrestling. Who will finally win. Will experience top the power and motivation of the younger generation? Have a look yourself. You will enjoy a great bout to the last second.


Village Teens
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