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Who is he best ?
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Who is the best ? (Maxi getting dominated ?) ********** mit Maxi * Sando (Bufly) * Bobbi ************ (showing off muscles, flexing - armwrestling - fighting, wresling ) The three friends are exercising together. Push ups, squads, all gets done what is exhausting. Bufly has to go for a break first. And after a while Bobbi has to give in too. Maxi is celebrating his dominance and is showing off his muscles to the boys. But Bobbi and Bufly both have real strong bodies too. The muscles get compared. How hard is the biceps, what punches pecs and abs can take. Each one has to let the others punch him several times. Each muscle gets checked with squeezing, punching and feeling. Now time is come for some arm wrestling. All three have impressive guns. They pop up like tennis balls when getting flexed. But Maxi demonstrates sheer power, he wins every battle, with left and right hand. He gets a bit excited, wants to beat both at the same time. They shall push his arm down, each one side. But they hardly manage. Maxi plays his games with them. Maxis comments though are a bit arrogant. Bobbi attacks him from behind and Bufly immediately gives him a hand. They want to get Maxi behaving, applying headlocks and leg scissors to get him under control. But Maxi is a hard wrestler too. He manages to get Bobbi in a body scissor and then grabs Buflys neck in a nasty headlock. He won’t let go before the boys tap out. But they want to know it again. That was luck they mean. Next round Bobbi grabs Maxi in a headlock and wraps his legs around Maxis body. Bufly assists perfectly. They manage to get Maxi in trouble for quite a bit. But we all know Maxi, he winds out of almost every hold. And he does. Once escaped he overpowers each boy to show them who is boss.


Hellbo Production
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showing off