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Village Teens 2015 No 5
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Village Teens 2015 No5 - with Marcos and Istvan -Marcos, the clever and dangerous fighter we all know from last season is up to fight against Istvan, who is older, more experienced and muscular. Will Marcos be able to stand the fight against the bully? The fight is up and pretty even. Istvan fights the young gladiator to the floor and applies a nasty headlock. Marcos has no escape and finally needs to tap out. But he is not fearing anything, the contrary, he attacks Istvan. But Istvan is clever and does get Marcos again in his hold, another deadly headlock. Marcos tries to escape, but Istvan is a good fighter, he drives Marcos down to the floor and gets on top of him immediately. Marcos has to tap out again. But then Marcos lands a nice submission on the dominator, now it is Istvan who gasps for air. We all remember the highly effective holds of Marcos where the opponent has a real struggle to breath.Not even Istvan has a good idea how to handle this. The fight last long, both want to win. It remains being an even fight. Who will apply the finaly submission? Have a look yourself. You will be experiencing a powerfull and creative bout, which remains levelled to the end.


Village Teens 2015
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