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Village Teens 2015 No 19
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Village Teens 2015 No 19 ****** MARCOS vs DARIAN**** We remember well fight 13 this season, when Marcos and Darian were on the mat for the first time. It was an even battle for a long time, using a lot of muscle power. Finally Marcos was winning the bout. Today Darian is back on the mat for a revanche. The scene is set, this is how it starts today. With great determination Darian is starting off lifting Marcos off the ground and slamming him down to the mat, being on top. Marcos tries to escape and fight back, he manages to squeeze Darians head between his legs. But Darian gets up, now Marcos is hanging upside down on Darians neck. The bout continues on the floor. It looks a bit like hunting crocodiles, taking their victim with all power they have, winding their body to finally crack it. Today Darian is the crocodile. He wraps his legs and arms around Marcos and squeezes him, finally Marcos has to tap out. It continues with the same intensity. Darian gets into Marcos Headscissors again. This time it takes Marcos a few minutes of squeezing hard to make Darian tap. Both fighters know their stuff. Creative holds, full body action, swift and agile moves in combo with endurance and power. Such a description of a fight always promises action on highest level. And the two athletes are on top form today. Enjoy wrestling at its best. We won’t tell you here, if Darian manages to get his revanche and win against tough Marcos. Get the video and watch it to the end. Who will be the winner?


Village Teens 2015
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