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Village Teens 2015 No 13
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Village Teens 2015 No 13----------------MARCOS vs. DARIAN------------ Today we are going to see two real athletes on the mat. Marcos we all know already from former seasons, he is a very dedicated fighter who is fearing anyone. Darian is a smaller but muscled and agile warrior who’s target clearly is to be one of the winners of Village Teens. Such a combination is promising a lot of action. Darian manages to get Marcos in his first hold and won’t let go, Marcos has to tap out. And the only way he can do so is with his feet. The figth is requesting all their muscle power, both try to weaken the opponent systematically, keeping their holds for very long. And both are showing endurance not tapping out when being in the others submission but still trygin to break free. Darin gets into Marcos sleeperhold. Several minutes he is trying to escape, he even gets up standing with Marcos hanging on his back, still squeezing the hold. Darian manages to release Marcos hold a bit, but Marcos swiftly switches into the next variation of his headlocks. Darian develops amazing skills in getting free, but he has to as Marcos knows endless ways to dominate. An even fight so far. Marcos sits in a reverse pin on Darians chest, view to legs and he has locked up one of Darians leg under his arm and bends Darians body to the limit, a rarely seen combo. He succeeds in weakening the powerhouse with his many holds and ways to humiliate. Darian taps out more often. And even being able to counterfight and force Marcos to tap, Darian gets overpowered and has do endure a lot. Marcos enjoys to crush him totally. His last submission is very representative for all we are experiencing in this awesome fight.


Village Teens 2015
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