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Village Teens 2015 No 10
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Village Teens 2015 No 10++++++++++++++ BOGDAN & ALEXANDER++++++++++++++ Bogdan and Alexander are meeting today on the mat outdoor. They want to find out who is the better fighter. Bogdan is a bit taller than Alexander and it seems he is stronger. But Alexander knows well how to defend and can take a lot. Who will be able to apply the final submission on the other? The bout starts with determination. Bogdan surprises Alexander with a lift and throws him down to apply his first headlock. Alexander has no other way out of this hold than tapping out. But now the fight really starts. With all they have, they try to keep the opponent in their holds. Alexander wraps his arms and legs around Bogdan, but Bogdan keeps Alexander again in a headlock. Finally he manages to pin Alexander and chokes him succesfully. Alexander needs to tap out again. Now they get rid of their shirts and we can see the athletic bodies at work. The fight goes on with powerful moves, both want to win. Alexander attacks Bogdan ongoingly, he does not allow to become the underdog. But Bogdan manages to get in control again and to pin the smaller fighter and making him tap out. In the second half of this fight, Alexander scores with his headlocks and to have impact scissoring Bogdan with his strong legs. But he has to endure a lot of pain and domination from Bogdan as well. He gets pinned and slapped into face from Bogdan who thinks already being the winner. But then Alexander can apply his headlocks on Bogdan. Can he turn the page and win against the aggressive athlete? Have a look, the fight remains action rich to the last second.


(19 years **)
Village Teens 2015
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