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"Submission" ****** with Denny and Maxi *********** Denny and Maxi are lifting some weights together. Today is biceps day and the dumbbells get used extensively. Denny has clearly more mass than Maxi. He wants to know about Maxis guns and invites him for some armwrestling. Maxi happily accepts he challenge. Both muscleboys get ready. Denny thinks he will has an easy go on the boy. But Maxi has real power. He wins first battle with their right arms, and he scores as well with the left arm. Denny calls for revenche. He will put all he has in, but Maxi doubles up and wins the third battle as well against the hulk with a big smile. Denny doesn’t like to loose and is a bit upset. He wants a wrestling bout. He goes hard after the smaller power house from the word go, making full profit from the size difference. Maxi is known to escape from almost any hold and he does it well today too. Once out of the hold, he immediately attacks his challenger. But Denny has quite some fight experience too and he applies a real nasty headlock. He squeezes the boy endlessly. Once Maxi has gotten out of it, he lifts the big guy off the floor quite easily, but Denny manages to squeeze Maxis head again between his massive thighs. He immobilises the boy, then tortures him with grabbing the bulge, twisting nipples and applies armlocks. Maxi looks like a fly captured in the spider net. Every action is using lot of energy but as a result, his situation only gets worse. Denny is celebrating his dominance extensively. The boy shall suffer big time. Denny knows about Maxis bouts with other boys where he usually humiliates the others. This time he gets the feeling of being totally helpless. Full nelson, leg scissors, figure4 hedlocks, armlocks and endless pinnings in combination with some nasty teasing are using up Maxis remaining power and he becomes Dennys toy. He submits but Denny is enjoying his dominance for longer pushing Maxi to suffer further.


(25 years **)
Hellbo Production
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