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Street Teens 9 DL
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Florin meets Alex, they go to the gym room. Florin talks about his onesided fights with Basti. He dominates and humiliates him as he wishes, uses him as his personal slave. Basti wouldn’t stand any attack of Florin. To show what he is talking about, he grabs a dumbell and demonstrates his power. But Alex is not impressed too much, he picks a dumbell as well and starts to train his biceps. He listens carefully to Florins descriptions but somehow doubts all is true and Florin would be that tough. He pushes the limit a bit, provokes a fight with Florin. And we all know Florin, it does not last long and the two athletic fighters find themselves on the mat involved in a fight. Florin attacks more aggressive and picks Alex. Slowly Alex realised it was not his best idea to push the limits. He finds himself trapped in deadly headlocks, sleepers and is trapped in various submision holds and combos, until he submits. Florin enjoys dominating the boy. Alex is athletic and knows how to defend himself, but has no recipe to fight back against the muscleboy Florin. He gets humiliated with combos of legscissors and headlocks and chokes, and his defence weakens. Finally Florin pins his victim with great excitement. Alex is getting angry and tries to break free, but no way out. Sometimes he manages to get Florin in the defence, even pins him, but overall the roles are defined. The room heats up, shirts and sneakers are off. But nothing changes in the result. Florin gets Alex in many submission holds with no way out and forces a submission. Finally Alex gets totally humiliated and dominated, and Florin enjoys the show. Have a look at the video, you will like it.


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Street Teens
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