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Street Teens 12
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Street Teens 12 – Nick vs Dennis Nick has just arrived in the gym room, nobody is there. He sits down on the sofa, seeing the sportsbag which someone has put there. He gets rid of his shoes, sox and the sweater and gets comfy, feet on the small table. He wonders what is in the bag, and he starts picking things out of the bag, sporting gloves, shorts. But then Dennis is entering the room. He gets at Nick, orders him to get his feet off the table. But Nick doesn’t like to get pushed like that. It does need a lot more and the fight is up on the mats. It starts as a hard and pretty even fight. Dennis is bulkier, while tattooed Nick is strong as well and has a great defense. But Dennis experience and his nasty holds, pins and scissors are weakening Nick. He counter attacks with Headlocks and bodyscissors from underneath, but it looks like Dennis has all under control. With a very nasty figure 4 headlock he is torturing the muscleboy, but Nick gets free again and applies a sleeper. Both fight with strong ambition to win and dominate the other, a real street fight. Nick gets trapped in further Headscissors and has to give in a few times. But he immediately attacks the bully once being free, it should not end up this way. And still Dennis remains in control and he likes it more and more to torture this body despite Nicks strong defense. But then Nick gets his chance and uses it immediately. He applies a figure 4 headlock on Dennis, while sitting on his chest high up. He controls the bully. Can he turn the fight around in his favour? T-Shirts, sox and jeans have been ripped off already, they continue the fight in undies. The fight remains very intense. Slowly but surely one can anticipate who the winner will be. Is it the smaller bulky bully Dennis or the tightly muscled tatoo boy Nick? We won’t tell you here. But what we are happy to tell you here right away, you will enjoy an interesting and attractive fight of two athletes totally in shape. The winner enjoys his dominance more and more, teasing the loser with ballgrabs, pec claws, further headlocks and destroys him totally. This is what we call a real Street Fight Action. Enjoy it!


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Street Teens
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