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Street Teens 10 DL
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In the gym room Alex (18, 182cm) is crossing his way with Dennis (19, 166cm). Alex places nasty comments about Dennis size. Dennis might be smallish, but he has real power and he hates when tall guys make their jokes on his back. He shows no respect and attacks Alex, he will show the jerk how to behave and just being tall is not making it. The fight is up. Alex firstly underestimated Dennis power and muscles, he starts playfully, tries to keep Dennis under control with his legs despite being on the couch and Dennis on top. But Dennis, full of energy goes for it, he profits from being on top and gets the big guy in trouble. This brings the action to another level. They drop off the couch and land a few moments later on the mat. Here Alex fights the bugger down on his back and applies the first pin. He shows Dennis, what he does with smallish whimps. No chance for Dennis to escape, Alex has him, where he wanted him. And he enjoys to squash the muscleboy and to dominate him. But when Alex lets go just a little bit, Dennis gets free and uses his strength and agility to get Alex in deadly headlocks. Somehow Alex frees himself up after a while and then he makes Dennis pay for it. Creative armlocks in combination with pins make Dennis suffer and do not leave him room to escape. He is using his strength to fight back, slowly but surely he weakens. Now Alex gets really nasty, he adds wedgies and plenty of foot domination to humiliate the boy. Until the very end, Dennis punches Alex in the sides whenever he can, but for his last punch, he pays a high price finding himself in a ultimate submission hold with no way out. Get this video and you get a domination production at its best.


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Street Teens
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