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Soccer Teens 2 (non adult)
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Soccer Teens 2 with Andre and Adrian (non Adult Version) ****** Andre is in a bad mood today. Everything and everybody is annoying today. Great Adrian enters the room. Andre is attacking him verbally, why he always stares at soccers legs. Adrians answer is not really what one could expect, a direct invitation for Andre to go about the boy. He slaps him into face. But Adrian means he could do the same to Andre, and slaps him back. Bad idea boy, you gonna pay for that. Andre really goes after the weakling. Further slapping into the face, throwing him down to the floor and push his sneakers into Adrians face and crushing his body full weight. He squeezes Adrians head between his feet, then between his legs, and he chokes him with his knee on Adrians throat. Adrian pays a high price for his error. Andre has no mercy today. He settles down on Adrians throat, his legs wrapped around Adrians neck. Then the sneakers get off and all continues with sweaty sox. Adrian is forced to sniff and even gets them pushed deep into his mouth. Then Andre rips his shirt off. He sits down and pulls Adrians face into his bulge. He wants to humiliate Adrian. He rips off his jeans and immediately Adrian is going after Andres legs again. But Andre wraps his jeans around Adrians neck and throws him to the floor. Adrian gets choked and has to kiss again Andres muscles. Then the weaklings clothes gets ripped off and Andre settles down on Adrians throat again and chokes him lengthy. He humiliates his victim by making him suffer endlessly in a nasty figure 4 headlock and his bulge again in the boys face.


(26 years **)
Soccer Teens
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Feet domination

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