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Soccer Teens 1
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Soccer Teens I with Andre and Adrian ****** Andre, the soccer teen relaxes on his bed and recovers from the match they had earlier. He is chatting on the mobile with his friends when Adrian enters the room. Adrian gets heated up when he sees muscled legs. Soccers legs score very high with him. He settles down on the edge of the bed and starts to work Andres strong legs, touching the muscles and even sniff the sweaty sox. Andre is rather a bully but lets the action happen. When Adrian wants to get off the bed, Andre grabs him and squeezes Adrians head between his feet. He takes a pic ans shows it to the weakling making his jokes. But Adrian is so thrilled about Andres body, he simply wants to go on touching and feeling. Andre decides to make Adrian his victim. Twisting Adrians arm he pushes him on to the bed and pins his back, he grabs Adrians head and squeezes it between his thighs, and he pushes the boy down to the floor to dominate him with feet into face and on his body. Adrian likes all of it but he tries to hide the fact he is so pleased. Too late boy, Andre has sensed already long while ago what is happening here. He slaps him into face, rips Adriasn shirt off and dominates him big time. When choking Adrian, Andre flexes his biceps into Adrians face and shows him who is boss. He leads the weakling in the headlock to the mirror to present him his ripped abs. Adrian becomes the soccer slave and has no chance to escape from the muscled legs when gasping for air in the figure 4 headlock. Soccer Teens 1 is just the first scene of a series of domination videos. The roles are clear. Andre the soccer and bully knows how to treat the weaker boys. And Adrian is the perfect soccer slave, a perfect encounter.


(26 years **)
Soccer Teens
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Feet domination

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