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Marius again sneaks into the gym room, despite the fact, he is not anymore allowed to be here. Florin picked him up recently when he was trying to steel Florins stuff, when he was going for a shower. But Florin was back in time. This time, nobody is here. Marius checks out on the Audio installation. But it turns out not to be his day. It is no one else than Florin entering the room for doing some exercising. It does not take him long to understand what is going on in here. He walks up to Marius, orders him to put things back. Marius is totally aware he has nothing to compete with Florin (No Chance 12), so tries to escape from another fight. But Florin has a different plan. He enjoyed to overpower this athletic boy and make him his toy in No Chance 12, and he will go for round two now and teach him a lesson. Longheld Headlocks are weakening Marius substantially. Even if he tries to escape, even counter attack Florin, he still has nothing to equal the muscle stud. Florin rules and makes Marius pay a decent price to sneak in here again to steel. Plenty of pins, foot domination and breath control are applied by Florin to dominate his new toy. First in Jeans and shirt but later stripped down to the undies Marius is humiliated and becomes Florins boytoy. Totally exhausted, he has no defence anymore, he just accepts what happens to him. And Florin enjoys the dominance. Being here to exercise, he places Marius on the couch, grabs his dumbbells and starts to work his biceps while seated on his new slave. Another chapter of No Chance, which shows perfectly what the series stands for. Enjoy the dominance of Florin when watching the video.


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No Chance
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