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No Chance 12
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Florin is exercising again, he pushes the limits. He wants to get on Dennys level as quick as possible. His clothes are all ditributed all over the gym room, even his mobile is deposited on the chair. He is very focussed on his body and exercising, everything else has become unimportant. After a great workout and some posing in front of the mirror, Florin is satisfied with his work and is going for a shower. Exactly when he left the room, Marius is coming. He sees all the clothes in the room, especially Florins sneakers he likes very much. And there is this smartphone as well. He decides to pick those two items and move out fast. But when opening the door, unfortunately Florin is coming back from the shower. He realises very quickly what was going on. He pushed Marius back into the gym room. He will teach the boy a lesson. Marius leather jacket is stripped first. Florin can see the boy will not stand a chance against him. He will learn his lesson now. Marius gets trapped in nasty headlocks, squeezed between Florins legs and in the traditional choking style with his strong arms. Marius already feels sorry for what he tried to do, too late boy. He tries to defend and fight himself free, but Florins power and muscles keep him under full control. Florin plays with his new toy, weakens him systematically. Pure panic and strong wish to get free drive Marius hands towards Florins groin. Bad mistake poor boy, now someone got angry. Now Florin gets nasty at Marius, dominates the whimp as he want. Placing his foot on chest, face and back of the athletic boy, twisting his arms, applying intense breath control, Marius gets a special treatment Florin style, and Florin enjoys it big time. He rips of Marius shirt and shows the boy his position, a real slave. He enjoys to humiliate athletlic Marius for a long while. Buy this video and enjoy another chapter of No chance at its best.


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No Chance
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