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Need to be the best
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Need to be the best ******* mit Denny & Kristian ("Derik",Bruder von Maxi) ********* Denny and Derik meet. Derik still has the fight in mind, Denny had with his brother Maxi and how he wants to know it as well. They start with some arm wrestling. Derik has real power in his arms. Denny is fighting, but no success. Derik manages to win against the power house with his left and right arm. Denny hates losing, he wants to go on with some wrestling. It goes without saying, the bout means real action from first second. Both warriors want to score. Derik manages to get Denny underneath pinning him nicely. We all know Denny, now its pure adrenalin coming up inside his body. He always wants to be the best. With all he has, he is going after Derik now and he gets the challenger down, pins him for longer with excitement in his face. With his strong legs, he keeps Derik in place. The fight is quite even for a while. Denny enjoys to sit on the boys bodies. Derik manages to get Denny down several times. However slowly but surely it turns in favour of Denny. Derik has to realise, this opponent is almost impossible to be beaten. And Denny enjoys to torture his challengers, be it to pin them endlessly and squash them or using his massive thighs to squeeze the hell out of them, on the body or the head. For the final submission Denny is applying a real nasty sleeper hold.


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