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Muscleboys toy 2
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Muscleboys toy 2 mit Razwan und Denis *********** Denis is relaxing on the couch in the room, dreaming about the nice things in life. Razwan enters the room and wants to sit down as well, but Denis ignores him. Sit somewhere else. Razwan doesn’t wait for too long to get some space, he settles down on the body of Denis, sitting sideways. Denis moans he would be too heavy, and shall get off, but Razwans emotions are already heated up and he wants to teach Denis what happens when he gets ignored that way. He gets off and Denis sits up. Razwan swiftly places his foot on Denis throat and chokes him. After a short moment he releases to apply the next submission on the boy. Sleeper holds, armbars, surfboards, backbreakers and other nasty submission holds get applied to Denis. And he suffers big time, has no weapon against the musclestud. Razwan at one point sits on the couch and applies a figure 4 headlock on Denis, let the boy struggle in the hold while relaxing on the couch. With camel clutches, lots of foot domination and some choking action he makes Denis his toy. A classic domination video at its best.


Muscleboys toy
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