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Dominator 1
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Dominator 1 - with Denny and Raphi Denny looks forward to receiving a new guest. Raphi is planned to come and Denny wants to dominate the boy, he is ready for it. Raphi is a bit taller than Denny, has basically a good body but is as well a bigmouth. Denny is posing in front of the mirror, showing his guns and Raphi makes some comments. Denny pushes his guest back a bit and Raphi falls over on the bed. In a blink of an eye, Denny grabs the boys head in a nice and tight headlock, this should just be a warm up and the first of a whole series. No escape for the boy. Denny enjoys the start, he will have plenty of fun with the boy. Raphi seems not to realise yet what is waiting for him, he still is too verbal and makes his jokes. But a bit later, he got quiet, trapped in a deadly headscissor, struggling to breath. Denny keeps it tight for a while. Raphi grabs Dennys pec muscles, even punching them as a payback to show the dominator his qualities. But Denny is amused, and a bit later Raphi finds himself on his back on the bed, Denny sitting on his face, view to his body and humiliating him. Raphi has realised now what is up, too late boy. Denny is creative, traps the boy in many nasty holds, weakens him systematically and pins him endlessly. Raphis defence is fading swiftly, soon he is just a toy. Now Denny forces him to lick his socks, a bit later his feet. He slaps Raphis butt, chokes him with his feet, stands on the boys chest and head full weight and he has many more humiliations ready for the new victim. Raphi is a great victim, takes it all like a man and still, he does not stand a chance against the power house. Dominator 1 has got the perfect title, you enjoy domination at its best from the first minute to the last second.


(22 years **)
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