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Darius pinning Arian
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DARIUS pinning ARIAN----------------------------------------------- Darius is in the bathroom getting ready when Arian enters the room. He makes his jokes about Darius and pushes him a few times. Darius grab a handful of water and throws it into Arians face. To pay back Arian is picking the shower and flushes Darius back with it. This is the moment when Darius has decided to teach the athletic fighter a lesson. He pushes Arian back into the room and attacks him. It does not last long until he sits on Arians chest. Arian tries to break free, can even bulk off Darius. But it only gets worse. Darius wraps his legs around Arians hips and grabs his head into a nasty headlock. Arian has no way out but tapping out. But when Darius releases the hold, Arian wants to profit from being on top and attacks the slightly bigger fighter. Darius is quick. He manages to grab Arians arm into a lock and with his strong legs he applies a headscissor. Again Arians attepmts to escape are not getting anywhere and he is again forced to tap out. And you will see many more of similar situations, Arian trapped in Darius submissions. He unserstands to keep control over the athlete. Be it by standing on Arians arms full weight, a deadly figure 4 headlock or the classic pin in many variations. Arian has to endure a lot today. He would have better avoided to flush Darius. Darius dominates the scene even with breath control and grabbing Arians juwels while pinning him. They only take a short break from the fight to have a round of armwrestling, Arians biceps are impressive, but today, they are no match with the power of Darius. And Darius in the second half of the fight enjoys to humiliate the athletic boy, he dominates him many ways.


(24 years **)
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