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Coco vs Bobbi
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Coco vs Bobbi (Village Teens 2015, No. 31)********** Bobby sits at the bus stop, he is bored to death. Coco walks along and Bobby makes some comments. Coco reacts immediately. It doesn?t need a lot and a fight has kicked off. Bobby tries to escape but Coco runs after him, throws him to the floor and starts attacking the boy. Bobby gets free again and runs off. The backard is quite close. Coco follows him into the backyard. They decide to have the fight done on the mats and without the shirts. It is an explosive start from both warriors. Both want to show the other his skills. Coco manages to trap Bobby in his legscissors. He goes on with many holds on the boy, including plenty of submissions. But Bobby being taller than Coco and having broader shoulders, he fights back. Coco unimpressed by Bobbys physique, he twists Bobbys arms, takes him in many more scissor holds and pins the challenger. Bobby counter attacks with his fists and wraps his strong legs around Coco and his arms around Cocs neck to weaken him. It is a pure action loaded movie including many creative holds, both warriors dedicated to win. Cocos sleeper holds are real nasty and have impact. Bobby has to tap out several times and gets angry. Not good. Being angry and attacking means doing mistakes. And Coco profits from those mistakes professionally and gets Bobby into the next submission. But Bobby is skilled, he lands his submissions as well. Just today, all in all, Coco has the better run. He fights the boy down until Bobby just lays there on his back, totally exhausted. Coco places his foot on the losers chest and shows off his muscled body. This video is action on highest level. Grab it and enjoy.


Village Teens 2015
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