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Carol vs Nico (VT 34)
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Carol vs. Nico (Village Teens 2015 No. 34) *** with CARO und NICO*********** Today we have Carol and Nico on the mat, both relatively new fighters on the Skybo mat. Carol looks more muscular while Nico seems to be the more aggressive fighter. Will the power finally make it? The bout is up and it starts with well placed headlocks. Both fighters are agile and swift. It is a fight with high speed until one of them is underneath. Then it is about applying the submission perfectly and force a tapout. It is a pretty even fight at start. Nicos more aggressive way to go about it provides him regularly with better positions and makes Carol tapping more often. It is a hard fight showing the full arsenal of headlocks. Both warriors have a similar strategy to weaken the opponent. It remains an open fight to the very end. Who will apply the ultimate submission and will be the winner of this action intense fight powering both fighters out. Watch yourself and enjoy the action.


Village Teens 2015
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