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Vlad dominating Ciprian 2
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Vlad dominating Ciprian 2 ********* Vladi is sitting in the red chair, sneakers on the bed. When Ciprian gets back from the toilet, he doesn’t hold back a single second. He orders Vladi to take his sneaker off the bed. He verbally attacks Vladi and grabs the sneakers to pull them off the feet. Vladi of course reacts immediately. Boy, if you take me my shoes off, it will only be to sniff them nicely. He goes after Ciprian, fights him down to the bed and pushes his sneakers into the face of Ciprian. Vladi decides Ciprians shoes have nothing to do on the bed neither, he pulls them off as Ciprian did, to hold them into Ciprians face straight away. Vladi then sits on Ciprians throat and pulls Ciprians head into his bulge. Ciprian fights back, using his legs to buck Vladi off. But Vladi as a swift fighter sees the opportunity, grabs the legs and rolls Ciprian up nicely. Time to relax, he remains seated on helpless rolled-up Ciprian for a bit. He enjoys the dominance. Vladi humiliates Ciprian sitting full weight on Ciprians chest, teasing him and flexing his muscles. Ciprian is suffering a lot. Arm locks, choles, various pins, combinations of nasty actions, leg scissors, foot domination and other creative ways to completely are applied on him. Domination at its best.


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Feet domination