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Vlad dominating Ciprian
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Vlad dominating Ciprian*************** Vlad is coming back to the hotel room, showing off his tattooed body in front of the mirror. Ciprian sits on the couch playing on his phone. When seeing Vlad posing, he makes his jokes. Vlad gets angry, pushes Ciprian hard on the bed. Then he mounts Ciprians body to show who is boss. Ciprian fights back but does not has a chance against the bully. That should teach him how to behave. But it doesn’t. Ciprian still attacks strong Vlad and ends up in a nasty headlock driving him down to the floor. He finds himself trapped in holds and now Vlad really goes after him. Extensive pinning on the floor and on the bed, on the abs and high up on the chest. Ciprian uses his leg to get out of the hold, but Vlad rolls him up, locks the leg in front of his body, still sitting on Ciprians throat. A bit of foot domination is a given as well, Ciprian sniffing Vlads sox. Squeezing Ciprians head between his massive thighs while standing at the edge of the bed and Ciprian perfectly positioned on his back on the mattress, Vlad can't resist and smothers Ciprians face into his bulge. When he lets go, Ciprian still attacks his tormentor, but he pays for it suffering a nasty headlock and further smothering. Vlad dominates his toyboy with slapping and endless headsqueezing smothering combo while sitting on the boys chest high up. To weaken him, Vlad as well headscissors his victim and makes him suffer royally. Foot domination at its best to humiliate Ciprian is completing the menue. When Ciprian gets released he tries to escape from the room, but Vlad grabs him from the back in a headlock and goes on with the torture.


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Feet domination