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Village Teens 2015 No 3
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Village Teens 2015, No.: 3 - with Istvan and Darian - The third battle of Village Teens 2015 is a thrill on its own. We meet Istvan, a tall and powerful lad from the village. To stand a fight with him, you need guts, power and you better be smart. Darian is exactly the right guy to challenge Istvan, on top of the before mentioned skills, the smaller fighter has a body of steel and knows to squirm out of almost any holds. It is no surprise the fight takes off providing top action rarely seen in such a bout. Both fighter are determined to win. They are athletic and know how to take profit from small mistakes of the opponent to get him underneath. They throw each other around on the mats, use headlocks, pile drivers, pins and holds we usually only see in college wrestling fights. Istvan would squash any smaller fighter, but Darian is quick and very focussed to attack and has an agility which makes it hard for his opponent to keep him locked. Once in a lock of Istvan, there is no escape. The sun, the heat and the action makes sure, both rip off the shirts fairly swiftly, and we can see their muscles at work. Is this bout already showing us who will be champion 2015? One thing gets clear when watching this fight. Whoever claims for being a champion and fights one of the two, will be challenged and forced to really give it all. Have a go, watch the action and find out who clears the last submission of this fight. You will be excited to very last second of the video.


Village Teens 2015
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