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Village Teens 2015 No 2
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Village Teens 2015 No 2 with Marcos and Arian - Marcos and Arian are good bodies from the village. They mostly are in agreement and are hanging out together. But today, there is a different dynamics. Arian, taller than Marcos and equipped with a hard sixpack, picks Marcos at his T-Shirt and lifts him to make sure his view is going to be the right one. But we remember Marcos from season one of Village teens, he is never shying away from any confrontation and goes after Arians tank top. They decide to move to the mats outside to find out who is right. And they both go for it immediately, both determined to win. Arian, taller and better reach, muscled and defined body, Marcos with better technical skills and more experience in wrestling. But will this be enough to win? We remember his deadly sleeperholds and headlocks. He manages in almost every position to trap his opponent into a nasty hold, and once in, there is hardly any escape. And he does it as well today, he manages to get his strong opponent into many breathtaking sleepers and locks. Arians power slowly fades, too many times he has fight for fresh air. But down to the last minute of this fight, he as well manages to get the wild boy into his pins, armlocks and other creative ways to make him tap. Who will have the final submission on his opponent? Get the video and find out. The fight is full of action to its final second.


Village Teens 2015
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