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Village Teens 2015 No 1
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Village Teens 2015, No. 1 with Maxi and Marian Village Teens stands for great action, thrill, athletic even muscular boys, and real fights. After the major success of Season 1, the new season is bringing top action and simply acts as a continuation of great entertainment.. We all remember Maxi, the bully from season one. He meets a newcomer today, Marian. This young fighter with a real hot body and his technical skills are a challenge for Maxi, but will Marian succeed against this experienced bully? The fight is up and both opponents are checking each other out. Both applying their holds effective and force the opponent into the defense. It looks like an even fight. Marian is a strong opponent. Maxi sometimes has a tendency to be complacent and take things too easy, and he pays for it by being forced to tap. But this is intensifying his actions. More focussed, he systematically weakens the rookie, Marians effectiveness is fading a bit. And Maxi goes for it now. Every action and hold of Marian on Maxi, Maxi is paying back twice as intense. Finally he gets the young fighter where he wanted to see him – underneath and exposed in his nasty holds. This first fight of Village Teens 2015 presents action from the first to the last second. Two muscular boys, skilled and determined are standing up to the promise to provide a great continuation of a top fighting series.


Village Teens 2015
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