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Street Teens 7
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Vali is mad about Christian, he pokes him and is bullying him. Christian does not like it at all, but he remains calm and does not push back. But Vali consistently attacks the muscle boy until he finally created a strong reaction. Christian fights back, and it does not last very long and Vali finds himself underneath, pinned by Christian who sits on the chest. But Vali has not understood. Once free he immediately attacks Christian again. Christian decides to teach the boy a lesson. He gets at Vali, overpowers him many ways, dominates him with sleeper holds, leg scissors, head scissors and lots of pin variations. He controls Valis breathing by pushing Valis face into his upper body. Vali weakens systematically. It got hot in the room and both fighters get rid of their shirts first, and finally strip down to their underware. Vali gives it all, takes all his power to counter attack. And he is successful, his pins and holds are showing impact. Christian taps out a few times. Vali applies Foot Domination, arm locks and plenty of breath control to weaken Christian. The fight is equal now, both give it all to have it under control. Who will apply the ultimate submission hold? Have a look yourself, you will see a hot action-fight till the last minute with two real hot athletic youngsters who do all it needs to stay on top.


(20 years **)
Street Teens
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