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Soccer Teens 3
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Soccer Boys 3 mit Narcis und Ciprian ****** Ciprian likes strong soccer legs. Narcis is standing in front of the mirror when Ciprian walks in to the bathroom of the Gym. He can’t resist, and touches Narics calves. Then he Narcis ignores it at first, but when Ciprian goes on touching other muscles, he reacts. He turns around and takes Ciprian by the balls. Then he takes him into a deadly headlock. He wants to teach the boy how to behave and he intends to demonstrate his muscles in an other way to Ciprian. He moves back to the Gym and exercises. Moments later Ciprian comes back too. Narcis goes after Ciprian. He fights the boy down, choking him again. After a while, he releases, but Ciprian makes attempts to attack him as soon as he stands upright again. A bad idea boy. Narcis applies another headlock, drives Ciprian in front of the mirror to show him his situation and then back to the mats where he gets him on his back, mounts Ciprians chest, high up, and chokes him with the free hands. He will get his lesson now. He wants a fight ripping off his shirt. Ciprian accepst and tries to get Narcis down, but the soccer is too strong. Moments later Ciprian finds himself on his back again, trapped in Narcis submission holds, gasping for air. Ciprian is forced to kiss Narcis biceps. Narcis stands up and places his cleats on Ciprians chest, abs and bulge pushing his cleats into Ciprians body. Ciprian has to endure a lot. Narcis sits on his throat, squeezing Ciprians head between his strong soccer thighs, forces the boy to touch and feel all his muscles, tramples the boy standing full weight on Ciprians chest, applying many legscissors, pushing his own sox into the mouth, Ciprian gets kicked like a football and Narcis rides him like a pony. Narcis dominates Ciprian to exhaustion.


Soccer Teens
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Feet domination

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