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Scorpio's Slave 2
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Scorpio's Slave 2 ***** with Scorpio and Robin ****** Scorpio and Robin are posing in front of the mirror. Robin makes big calls and pushes Scorpio aside. Well that was too much, Scorpio gets angry. He grabs the boy in a headlock. Then Robin is pushed in a wrestling bout. Scorpio has no problem to apply further submissions on Robin. Now Robin tries his best and still makes cocky comments. Scorpio get serious now, he throws Robin on the Couch and pin him straight away. Robin tries to get free but no chance. Scorpio is teasing his victim with slaps to the face and claws to the nouse. The action is moving to the mats. Robin gets on his knee, his head squeezed between Scorpios strong legs, his arms twisted to the back. Scorpio rips the sweater and the tank top off and enjoys his dominance. Foot on throat and on the boys chest, that’s how Scorpio keeps Robin flat to the ground. He settles down in a reverse pin on Robins athletic chest to remove Robins shoes and sox. Of course he is teasing his slave with slapping Robins own sneakers in his face and forced to smell his own sweaty socks. Scorpio has a comfy seat, Robin struggles. He tries to escape when he feels that pain in his bulge. Scorpio solidly grabbed his balls. But Scorpio wants more wrestling, so he lets go. Obvious Robin finds himself in the next submission of his dominator, a reverse headlock and he gasps for air. Scorpio throws the boy to the ground, rips off the trainers and removes his own shirt to tie Robins hands with it. Time to settle down. Scorpio sits again on Robins chest, squeezing the boys head between his thighs and a few more grabs to the groin. Robin has become Scorpios toy. He places Robin on the seater on his back to easily sit again on the boys chest and squeezing his head while full weight sitting on the ribcage. Robins defense is gone, he tries to get out of this the best possibl. But he has to endure a lot more. Scorpio enjoys to torture his slaves with armlocks, scissors, facesit, head scissors and more.


Scorpio's Slave
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Feet domination