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Natural Teens VI
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Natural Teens VI mit Geo und Ron ******** Ron walks along the river and sees Geo leaving the scene. A slim boy laying on his back unconcious in the grass. Obvious that Geo worked him over. Ron runs up to Geo to check what happened. Geo still angry doesn’t hold back and after a few seconds the two have a fight. Ron is taller and bulkier than Geo but Geo is strong. Ron gets in trouble quite quickly, laying on his back in the grass and getting worked by Geos feet. But Ron gets up swiftly and attacks the boy. Geo goes nastier. He knees on Rons throat, applies headlocks and tortures the challenger as he likes. Geo is in charge of every second in this bout. He dominates the big boy with enjoyment. Trapping Ron in a series of submission holds from various arm locks to head locks and sleeper holds as well as nasty leg scissors. Then Geo places his victim on his back in the grass and mounts his chest, standing full weight on Ron upper body. Ron has to endure a lot. Geo slaps him into face when sitting high up on his chest and plants some grass in Rons face. Ron gets choked as well extensively. Rons hits with his fists in Geos thighs have only one impact. They keep Geo going nastier. He applies the final headlock on Ron, his massive thighs squeeze Rons head and send the big boy to the land of dreams.


Ron N
Natural Teens
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