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Natural Teens 2
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Natural Teens 2 with Geo und Roman ************* Roman is watching the action on the river. He spotted Geo and wants him to leave. This is his place. But Geo has other ideas and stays. Roman is pushing the boy ongoingly, Geo slowly but surely gets angry. He was not up to fight but it seems Roman doesn’t let go. Of course this ends in a grass fight. Roman struggles a bit to fight his taller opponent down. Geo gets the first pin. Next round Geo has Roman trapped in a solid headlock, then in a combo of headlock and pin. Roman has to tap out several times. And Geo continues to score every single round. He gets into it really. Roman lands on his back in the grass continously and gets trapped in various submission holds. First Geo lets go after the tapout, but the longer the fight, the longer he keeps the holds with no mercy. Roman gets teached a lesson what it means to push Geo around. Geo gets more dominant now. He squeezes Romans head between his legs and dishes out several punches to Romans body. He twists Romans arms to the back, pushing Romans face into the grass and choking the boy. Geo traps Roman in a real nasty headlock while locking his arm up and weakens his challenger substantially. Roman taps out several times, but Geo ignores it, he squeezes harder. Geo knows how to keep his opponent on his back in the grass, he now pins the boy, sitting high up on the chest. Roman weakens further, Geo can do whatever he wants with the boy. He applies lots of creative submissions, in particular headlocks. Roman pays a high price for claiming the territory. Geo pushes his victim into the grass with his foot on the boys body and throat. He knees full weight on Romans ribcage and he continues to apply several submissions. Roman has to endure a lot, he tries his best to fight back or defend. But Geo crushes his victim totally, leaving him laying in the grass.


Natural Teens
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