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Narcis vs Alexej
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Narcis vs Alexej ******** Narcis is new to the region, a muscular teen equipped with a solid sixpack. And he works for it. In the Gym he exercises with the dumbbells intensifely. Then he wants to see the result of the work, posing in front of the mirror, exactly when Alexej walks in. He seems angry, watches Narcis posing only for a second. Then he pushes the hulk from behind and walks on to the boxing bag to wildly destroy the leather bag. Narcis doesn’t swallow the nasty action and walks up to Alexej. But Alexej, still heated up, starts a fight. Narcis works Alexej down to the sofa on his back and pins him. Both fighters using all they have, it is an intense action. Narcis is sitting on top until the boy calms down a bit, a few slaps in the face should help. But when he releases his pin and gets off the boy, Alexej immediately attacks Narcis again. They rumble on the floor now. Narcis again controls the action broadly, but Alexej fight like a warrior. When Narcis lets go a bit on his holds, Alexej attacks wildly again. Narcis now takes the boy in a real nasty headscissor and does not let go anymore until the boy weakens. Alexej tries to wind out of the hold but no success. After a while, defence has weakened, Narcis lets go. Alexej gets up, weekened from the action before, and he rips off his shirt. And again he goes after Narcis, attacking him. Enough is enough. Narcis fights the warrior down again and leads him from hold to submission hold. Alexej has to endure quite a lot. And frustration goes up with him, and we wants to fight even more. Whenever he gets out of the holds and got up, he doesn’t loose time to attack again and again. But Narcis is ready now to teach the boy a lesson. He crushes Alexej with all he has, even squashes him standing full weight on the boys body. Alexej manages to apply one and the other headlock too, but Narcis is in charge. His figure4headlocks get the boy almost fading into dreamlands. Narcis is a strong fighter and we can’t wait to see more of him.


(20 years **)
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