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Hotel brawl *Andre vs Robin*
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Hotel brawl +++ Andre vs Robin +++ (new fighters) ++++ We have a look into a hotel room to learn what happens there. Two new names pop up, Andre and Robin. Young, wild, athletic and determined to show the rest of the world who rules. All starts totally easy. Andre sits on the chair and reads a magazine for women. Robin gets back from the bathroom, sees it and makes his jokes. Andre doesn?t like to be called a pussy. He gets up and pushes Robin, who is a bit taller, around. Robin makes attempts to push him back, but Andre gets Robin on the bed and swiftly pins his chest. But when taking off his pullover, Robin bucks him off. The fight is up, they rumble on the mattress, both get their moments on top but have to endure submissions too. The room heats up very quickly and the emotions heat up the same speed. Again, Robin gets pinned by Andre. And Andre goes a clear step further, pulling off his belt from the pants and place them around the neck of Robin to choke him. Robin gets seriously angry now and he manages to throw off the boy reading girl magazines. The fight gets harder and harder. Jeans get ripped off, Robins T-Shirt gets ripped apart. Now we learn about the dedication of Robin. When been friendly and smiling usually, now he has unpacked the wild animal. He is strong. With his muscular power, he bucks off the opponent, grabs the belt and places it around Andres neck to show him, who is choking whom here. Now Andre is as well at full heat. But Robin just started. A very nasty Nelson, then a combo of a leglock and a choke hold while sitting in Andres back should put the boy in place. It is all about to destroy the opponent. Robin has a hot sixpack, its great to see it at work when he pins his opponent. Both are using armlocks very efficiently, some in combination with evil actions like pushing the knee into the groin. Robin is very creative, he applies a modern single leg boston. Andre on the other side is humiliating Robin with twisting the arms in perfection, Robin whole body gets leaded to move. Robin scores highly when he places his foot on Andres chest, gives it full weight and places the other foot on Andres throat. The poor boy almost fades out. He fights back with real mean actions. Let us call him the new master of the armlocks, he manages to scissor his opponent with his strong legs, applies a deadly figure 4 headlock from behind and pins Robin multiple times. And Robin proves to have a high pain threshold. Few minutes later he is in charge again, Andre on his stomach, arms twisted to the back, Robin standing on the wrists with one foot and with the other he humiliates Andre by standing on his head. Andre has no way to escape. Then he squeezes Andres head between his thighs, locks his twisted arms on the back and simply pulls him off the bed. But who has the ultimate submission at the end? You need to find out yourself, but you will have to watch it to the very last moment. By watching this video, we all enjoy to learn new ways of submissions. Full of action and emotions, combined with muscle power and creativity, this video is a new highlight out of our series. And all of us will scream to see more of the two new athletes in the game.


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