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Filip pinning Arni
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Filip is exercising with the kettles. He has started recently, wants to build up power. Despite him being already strong, he wants to add mass. Arni enters the gym room. He likes to watch the action here, when strong boys pump their muscles. He always has his booklet with him but one does not to be Sherlock Holmes to find out he more is watching the boys rather than reading his booklet. His dream is to get overpowered by a strong guy, but he is shy to tell anybody. Filip realises quickly, he wants to know for sure. He gets rid of his shirt and is posing in front of the mirror, where he can see what Arni is doing behind his back. Arni does not realise. Being sure now, he picks Arni, pulls him off the recliner to fight him down to the floor swiftly, placing his foot on Arnis chest. Arnis defence is a bit weak, his dream becomes reality but he does not want Filip to know. He fights back a bit, tries to escape. But Filip pins him extensively. He is using leg scissors and reverse pin on Arnis chest to strip the boy down to his undies, and to enslave him completely. He pins his new toy in various positions, once sitting high up on Arnis throat squeezing the head with his thighs or on Arnis back, arms twisted to the limit. Filips uses his new boy as he wishes. Finally he is using some foot domination on the boy as well. We have discovered a new toy beside Basti, a real victim.


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