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Feel my Power 5
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"Feel my Power 5" mit Claudiu und Ciprian ********* Ciprian and Claudiu are playing cards. Claudiu is loosing but he spots Ciprian was cheating. He gets angry, but Ciprian laughs out loud and means too late. Claudiu throws the cards away, he will teach the boy a lesson. Ciprian knows already what comes up when Claudiu rips off his shirt as he does now. And he is right, Claudiu grabs the cheater in a nasty headlock. Pushing his victim into the red chair, Claudiu knees on his arms and slaps him into face. Next is a choking headlock. Ciprian tries to defend with some kicks, but Claudiu grabs the boy, lifts him off the floor easily and throws him on the bed. He applies submission holds, from arm locks and leg scissors to chokes. Ciprian has to sniff and feel Claudius biceps. The action continues on the floor with Ciprians head squeezed between Claudius massive thighs. Claudiu has a great idea how to cool down the heated emotions. In a solid headlock, he pulls the cheater into the bath. In front of the mirror he bearhugs the boy to show him his ability to crush him like a bug. He then pushes Ciprian to the shower, gets him down and places his foot on Ciprians chest to keep him in place and gets him wet. To humiliate Ciprian further he pushes his foot into Ciprian face and mouth. After a while he lets the victim recover and dry up. But Ciprian coming back to the room, Claudiu immediately goes after him again. Laying on his back on the bed, Ciprians gets pinned. Claudiu sits high up on the boys chest, squeezing Ciprians head between his thighs. There is no way out. And we all know Claudiu loves to do some posing when being in this position. Ciprian taps out several times, but Claudiu ignores all of it. He places his victim at the edge of the mattress, head pops out, and he squeezes Ciprians head again between his massive legs while standing next to the bed. He crushes the cheater royally, even squashing him by standing full weight on the boys chest. Ciprian has to endure choke holds and foot domination. And he gets slapped numerous times. Claudiu is a real dominator.


Feel my Power
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Feet domination