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Emeric playing with Coco
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Emeric playing with Coco **** Emeric & Coco **** (Village Teens 2015 No. 21)******** Coco has a big mouth today on the mat. Emeric is standing there with poker face, even a bit provocative, but Coco does not even realise it. He believes he can beat Emeric in a fight, and he slaps the athlete in the face. Emeric does not hold back and slaps him back. It goes without saying, this ends up in a real wrestling bout. Both get rid of their shirts and show their athletic bodies. Emeric shouldn’t be underestimated. Coco will most probably learn this the hard way. He attackts Emerich ongoingly, tries to apply his submission holds at Emeric, but Emeric knows his ways out. A combo of his agility and strength help him to keep his opponent under control and show him his limits. Coco has to tap out many times. Coco really gets angry and wants to turn the page. But Emeric has more power, he will teach the boy a lesson. He is in control, applies his nasty submissions on Coco, chokes him many ways, humiliates him with body and head scissors. He plays his game with the victim Coco, makes him look real weak and he enjoys to torture the boy. He places his foot several times on Cocos throat, slaps him into the face, and even spits at him to get him angry . Then he overpowers the boy again and makes him suffer in his holds. The whole bout is turning into a Domination fight with Coco being the victim. And Emeric enjoys his dominance. He pushes Coco to the limits to simply making him suffer in his next hold. Everytime Coco is fighting back, he pays with punishment.


Village Teens 2015
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