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Ciprian striking back
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Ciprian striking back *** with Ciprian and Adrian *** Adrian and Ciprian seem bored when sitting in the room. Adrian gets over to the laptop. He finds some videos of Ciprian getting dominated and suffers. He likes them, makes his comments and laughs. Ciprian gets angry, he clicks the video away. But Adrian grabs it again. Ciprian attacks Adrian and pulls him over to the bed with a headlock and he pins the boy, sitting high up on his chest. Slapping Adrian into his face should make clear enough is enough. But Adrian ignores the signs and leads back to the laptop to watch further. Ciprian decides to demonstrate Adrian his strength, he has clearly more muslces on his body than Adrian. He fights the boy down and squeezes Adrians head between his strong thighs. Slaps to the face and some choking action shall give Adrian the live experience what it means to get dominated. Adrian gets forced to touch Ciprians flexed biceps even. Adrian is the poor boy suffering now all the accumulated energy from the dominating actions against Ciprian. Laying on his back Adrian feels Ciprians weight with Ciprians sneakers on his chest, holding him in place. Ciprian knows exactly how to dominate efficiently, too many times he was in the receiving position. Ciprian rips Adrians shirt off and goes on with the humiliation with his feet. Kicks to the groin, foot on throat, or simply crushing Adrian with his weight on the ribcage of the boy. Ciprian pulls Adrian on his hair and arms over to the mirror, planting his foot into Adrians face so he can see what it means to be a victim. Ciprian flexes his strong biceps to make the picture perfect. Adrian realises he was going too far, and he has pay a high price now. Ciprian crushes him with the knee on his throat, with nasty headscissors and he manhandles Adrian as he likes. We see a totally new Ciprian, who looks great as dominator too.


(26 years **)
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Feet domination