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Bogi dominating Ciprian
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Bogi dominating Ciprian ******** Ciprian is in the bathroom, styling up his body. It lasts forever, each hair has to be placed properly. Bogi is going to the bathroom checking what happens. He provokes Ciprian by roughing through the freshly styled hair, he touches Ciprians arms and he humps him from behind. First Ciprian laughs about it but soon he is getting angry It is all about a strength test. They decide to use the table in the room to do some armwrestling. Bogi plays his games. Ciprian almost scores a few times, but Bogi has all under control. All of a suddenBogi slams Ciprians Hand down easily. Ciprian is angry now, exactly what Bogi tried to achieve. He provokes Ciprian towards a fight. He grabs the apple and squashes it in his hands and rub it into Ciprians face. Even the shirt gets dirty. Enough is enough, Cirprian attacks Bogi. But Bogi gets him quite easily and leads him to the bed, and mounts his new victim, sitting high up on Ciprians chest. Bogi slaps Ciprian into face, applies sleeper holds, shows off his guns and humiliates Ciprian with plenty of foot domination. He teaches Ciprian where his place is – at the feet of Bogi. He plants his foot on Ciprians throat to weaken him, sits very high up on Ciprians chest and pulls the boys head int his face, chokes him endlessly to make sure Ciprian has no energy left to fight back. It goes on down on the floor. Bogi crushes his boy standing full weight on Ciprians chest. This is a real one-sided bout, but every time Ciprian gets released, he attacks his tormentor again. And Bogi enjoys it big time. He is teaching his victim discipline and how to behave. Nasty choke holds applied from the back and the front are making sure, the remaining energy disappeares with Ciprian. When he lets go, it is only to apply the next submission or humiliation. Ciprian is paying a high price for his attempts. Bogis massive thighs are crushing Ciprians head. Now Bogi is focussing on Ciprians bulge. He crushes his vitims groin with foot and knee. Ciprian is done, no power left. Bogi lays down on the bed comfortably, grabbing Ciprian in a figure4headlock from behind and keeps the pressure quite high. Ciprian is fading and is driven to the land of dreams.


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Feet domination