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Andrew dominating
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Andrew dominating mit ANDREW und RAZWAN********** Andrew is relaxing out on the backyard, but he is bored. Perfect opportunity when Razvan walks by and even makes a provocativ comment. Andrew spotted Razvan already in the gym and he is only waiting for his opportunity to have this lad on the mat. Andrew gets up and forces a fight. Him being very muscular, he doesn?t hesitate a single second and attacks Razvan. With a headlock he drives him down to the floor. A series of abs punches make sure, Razvan does not recover. And the camel clutch just after bends and exposes Razvans sixpack and nicely developed upper body and should weaken Razvan and demonstrate Andrews dominance. Andrew enjoys to have such a strong body under his control and in his holds. The backbreaker which Razvan has to stand next seems to never end. Andrew is relentless. Combinations of armlocks and headlocks, multiple series of punching Razvans solid abs, Surfboards and punches to the head, which should finish Razvan, Andrew is using all of it to break Razvans defense. And it works. Despite his muscular power, Razvan becomes Andrews toy. He suffers big time. Foot on throat, backbreakers being carried on Andrews shoulders, choked many ways or being squashed with Andrews foot on his upper back while arms are twisted to the back, Razvan has to take it all. Finally Andrew applies a real nasty sleeper hold and chokes him out. This is domination at its best. Andrew is very happy with his afternoon now.


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