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Village Teens 2015 No 11
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Village Teens 2015 No.11----------MAXI & ROBI Maxi is looking towards a special challenge today. Robi is much taller and heavier than him. But Maxi still wants to know who is better. They meet on the mats. You bet the fight starts with lot of dedication, both want to top the other. Robi uses his reach and weight to score the first pin on Maxi. He squashes the musclestud, and Maxis adrenalin is pushed up. But he has to accept, Robi is putting him on and on in new positions to pin him and overpower him. Maxi tries various techniques to counter the submissions. He uses his endless strength of his muscles but this works not really against the big boy. Then he applies one of his nasty headlocks and this seems to work better. Robi taps out for the first time in the fight. But right after Robi uses his way to do breath control and Maxi is ending up underneath and gets crushed. But we all know Maxi, his endurance is really strong. And on top he continously tries to escape. The next round might be a very important one for the fight. Maxi wraps his feet around Robis legs and locks him up from underneath. At the same time, he grabs Robis head in a headlock under his arms and he tighens it. Nothing will let him release apart from a tap out. He holds it very tight for long. Robi tries it all but no way out. He weakens and finally has to tap. As well the next round goes to Maxi quite swiftly. Did he find the ultimate way to control the tall fighter? It has become an even fight, both athletes score with their submissions. But who will win the bout. Will it be Maxi with his muscle power, his agility and his technical skills? Or will it be Robi, who manages to control the fight being larger, heavier, strong and as well has some nice submission techniques? We won’t tell you here, but one hint we want to give. You will have to watch to the very last second to find out and there will be pure action throughout the fight to the last second of it.


Village Teens 2015
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