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Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy


Right of revocation

You can revoke your contract explanation within 14 days without giving reasons in text form (e.g., letter, Telefax, e-mail) or - if the thing leaves to you before the deadline - also by return of the thing. The period begins on receipt of this instruction in text form, however, not before entrance of the product with the consignee (by the returning delivery of goods of the same kind not before entrance of the first part delivery) and also not before fulfilment of our duties to inform according to article 246 §2 in connection with §1 sales 1 and 2 EGBGB as well as our duties according to §312 g of sales 1 clause 1 Civil Code in connection with article 246 §3 EGBGB. For the protection of the cancellation period the timely sending of the cancellation or the thing is enough.

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Consequences of revocation 

In the case of an effective cancellation the received goods must be returned, inclusive of eventual benefits (e.g. interest). If you can not return the received goods fully, or only in deteriorated quality, you must compensate us for this loss of value where appropriate. This does not apply when the deterioration of the goods is exclusively due to checking them in the same way as would be normal in a shop. You can avoid any compensation fees if you do not use the goods as if your own property and avoid anything that could result in a deterioration of the goods. Goods that can be sent by parcel are to be returned at our risk. Obligations for compensation must be fulfilled within 30 days of sending your cancellation. You must pay for the return when the delivered goods correspond to what you have ordered and when the price of the returnable goods is not higher than Euro 40 or - when the price is higher - if you have not yet reciprocated at the time of cancellation or made a contractual partial payment. 

The right for rescission does not apply for: 
* Audio or video recordings or software, if the supplied storage media have been unsealed by you.
* download products.

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